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Nautical Marine Ship
We bring forth a wide collection of Nautical Marine Ship for vintage lovers. Feature brass antique patina finish, these marine ships are great for nautical enthusiasts worldwide. These are also used as excellent decorative items for a maritime touch in the interiors. Exclusively handcrafted using high quality steel, these marine items are the exact replica of the originals. We offer the entire collection to clients at feasible price.
Antique Diving Helmets
The Antique Diving Helmet goes well in areas such as a desktop or a mantle. It is great for nautically inspired interior theme. This diving helmet features a fully functional design. It is basically a miniature of diver’s helmet which was used by the sailors for diving. This helmet is exclusively designed with an attached high quality solid hardwood base that has a polished finished.
Medieval Armour Helmets
These Medieval Armour Helmets are exclusively hand crafted out of high quality thick steel sheets. The weight of the helmet is exactly the same as that of the original. It is specially designed with a rustic touch that directly takes you to the medieval era of battle field. An exact replica of the ancient helmet that was worn by the soldiers during warthese armour helmets are offered to clients at competitive prices.
Antique Globes
This Antique Globe is best known for its magnificent antique brass finish. It is an exact replica of the ancient globe used by the people. This globe accurately indicates the countries, continents, latitudes and longitudes. A protective coating of lacquer on this globe adds more depth and luster in the finishing. This globe is also a heritage item. An excellent addition in your antique collection, it is sure to add a touch of medieval era in your interior setting.
Home Decor, Handicrafts & Gifts
Our great collection of Home Decor & Handicraft Gifts is available in a myriad of colors, designs and finishes. Render to all types of aesthetic needs of clients, these gifts are handcrafted by creative artisans. Great for gifting to loved ones on various occasions, these items have attractive and designer appeal. These are widely used for gifting on occasions such as wedding ceremonies, festivals, birthdays, Valentine ’s Day and Christmas Eve.
Decorative Candle Stands
Get this magnificent Decorative Candle Stand to enhance your interior setting. Widely used for holding the candles, these stands are exclusively designed using best quality materials in line with the latest market trends. Available for clients in a wide range of designs, finishes and sizes to meet their exact needs, these stands are corrosion resistant and sturdy in designs. We offer these stands to clients at a highly competitive price.
Nautical Telescope and Binoculars

This Nautical Telescope and Binocular is a floor standing model. Great for nautical décor interior setting, this telescope and binocular has an antique finish and rustic touch. Exclusively made and crafted using solid brass as an exact replica of the original one, this telescope is mounted on the tripod which is easy to adjust up to the desired height. This is an excellent display item with an excellent historical significance.

Lamps and Spot Lightings
Feature adjustable height, these Lamps and Spot Lightings are widely used as floor lamps in the interiors. Earlier used in marine industry by the sailors, these spot lights were primarily designed for searching operations. Exclusively designed with an antique chrome finish for ancient and vintage look, this light has all the elegance for adding a contemporary touch in the interior setting of living room, hotels, museums and art galleries.
Wooden Puzzles Games
Great for kids of growing age, these Wooden Puzzles Games helps in developing their brain. Handcrafted by using high quality seasoned wood, these puzzle games are available in a variety of patterns, colors and sizes. Great for gifting your kids, these games keep them entertained and busy. These games are available in various difficulty levels to choose from depending on the age of the child.
Nautical Ship Bells
An excellent addition in your antique collection, these Nautical Ship Bells are sure to add a touch of medieval era in your interior setting. Produce striking sounds, these are perfect metal brass ship bells. It produces a high pitched sound with its heavy metal gong. A lovely nautical gift, especially for those who love to collect antiques, these ship bells are the excellent reproduction of the bells used on the ships for alarming the sailors.
Nautical Lanterns and Ship Lamps

This Nautical Lanterns and Ship Lamp were earlier used in ancient times for illumination. Widely used in the ship cabins at night time, this oil lamp comes in fully functional design. Best for indoor as well as outdoor decoration, it has an exclusive antique brass finish that gives it a vintage touch. It is a great addition in your nautical and maritime collection.

Nautical Sand Timer
An excellent piece to add to your desk accessories, this Nautical Sand Timer fills the small spaces in office and home with contemporary touch. It is exclusively made of solid brass and glass material by our creative artisans. An excellent reproduction of the ancient sand timers used by the sailors, it is an excellent addition to any nautical and maritime collection.
Nautical Sundial Compasses
Nautical Sundial Compasses are the lovely gifts for the nautical enthusiasts worldwide. These are compact in designs and can be easily carried in pockets. Features an exquisite magnificent antique brass finish, this compass comes in a fully functional design and gives accurate directions every time for navigation. In ancient times, this compass was used by the sailors for navigation in the sea. We offer this compass to clients in varied designs for meeting their exact needs.
Antique Telephones
The Antique Telephones are the great gift item for all collectors and vintage item lovers. Lend your home a classic touch with one of these vintage pieces; the gramophone is durable and alluring in design. Comes in a creative design box, this is an exact miniature of the original. An excellent showpiece for your home décor, these telephones have all the elegance of the aristocratic. This antique is sure to become a treasured piece of holiday decor.
Nautical Compass

This Nautical Compass is highly acclaimed in the industry for its magnificent antique brass finish. It comes in a fully functional design and accurately indicates directions for navigation. This compass is finished with a protective coating of lacquer that adds more depth and luster. A heritage item, it was widely used by sailors for finding directions in the sea.

Antique Gramophones
These Antique Gramophones are sure to add a sense of history in the interior settings. A great gift item for all collectors and vintage item lovers, this gramophone lends your home a classic touch. Durable and alluring in design, it comes in a creative gramophone design music box. Exact replicas of the original one, these gramophones are the excellent showpieces for your home décor.
Medieval Armour Acessories
Showcase beautiful engraving with fine detailing in their designs, our wide collection of Medieval Armor Accessories is sure to add a contemporary touch in the interiors. These are widely used in hotel, resorts and homes. Gives a touch of medieval era in the interior setting, these armor accessories are available in single size that fits all adults. These accessories are strictly tested for any burr on edges, dents in body and scratches on polishing, prior to final delivery in the market.
Medieval Breast Armour
This Medieval Breast Armour was earlier considered as an essential item in any warriors’ wardrobe. This breast armor was used by the soldiers for protection to the body against arrows blades blows. Fully wearable, it is an excellent reproduction of the ancient body armors, wisely made of steel or brass along with antique finishing.  Perfect for theatre, costume prop and reenactments, this is an impressive addition to a medieval or armor costume collection.
Medieval Full Body Armour
Our Medieval Full Body Armour is exclusively designed similarly the one worn by the soldiers in ancient times during war. Fully wearable, this armor comes with leather straps and each of its joint has a full range of motion. This armor is also provided with a skeletal body to hold it upright while on display. Made of high quality stainless steel for easy maintenance, this armor suit does not corrode.
Nautical Brass Sextant

Nautical Brass Sextant has a moveable radial arm, telescope, mirror, colored light, filters and a handle. Finished to look antique, this sextant comes with a nautical wooden box which has a brass accent. Widely used as a display piece in museums, art galleries and offices, this sextant is a great addition to a nautical collection. We offer this nautical antique piece to clients at competitive price.

Antique Magnifying Glass
An exclusive antique decorative item, this Antique Magnifying Glass ts brass finishing. Fully functional in design, this magnifying glass is widely used as a display item in museums, offices and art galleries for its excellent historical significance. We offer this magnifying glass to clients at competitive price.
Antique Pocket Watches
Antique Pocket Watches & Clocks are excellent products for personal antique collection. Easy to carry in pocket, these clocks and watches are exclusively handcrafted using high quality materials. Feature exclusive antique brass finish, these are exclusively designed in the shape of the original nautical collection which was used by the sailors. We are offering these watches & clocks to clients in varied designs at competitive prices.
Nautical Ship Wheels
These classical Nautical Ship Wheels has excellent historical significance in their artistic designs. In ancient times, these wheels were widely used as the steering wheel for the boats. Feature exclusive wood and chrome finish, these are widely used as wall sculptures in today’s interior decoration. Easy to mount on the wall, it gives you an excellent feel of maritime and nautical ships.
Nautical Lamps & Lighting
Our wide collection of Nautical Lamps & Lighting comes in varied designs and finishes. An excellent addition to your ancient nautical collection, this lamps and lights give a warm and soothing light in the interiors. Sure to add a nautical touch in any interior décor, these are exclusively handcrafted using best quality aluminum and other materials. Designed with excellent insulation, these lamps and lights are highly safe to use
Nautical Table Clocks
High in demand for hotels, offices and villas, these Nautical Table Clocks are the best table top accessories. Keep a track of your time with our beautiful collection of marine clocks that also give your interior setting a nautical theme. These table clocks are exclusively made of solid brass and glass. Available in varied shapes, designs and sizes, these clocks are brushed with an antique finish. It makes a great décor item in office and home.
Nautical Telegraph
Can be accommodated in any type of interior setting, this Nautical Telegraph is an exclusive decorative item for maritime inspired theme interiors. Our experienced artisan exclusively crafts these instruments using 100% solid brass as an exact replica of the original. It makes an impressive décor item in homes, hotels and art galleries. This telegraph is a lovely gift for the nautical enthusiasts worldwide. It takes you to the ancient times of sailors and pirates.
Nautical Wall Clocks
These Nautical Wall Clocks are sure to boost the marine theme of a space. Sure to spice up the interior setting, these wall clocks are handcrafted using high quality hardwood which is chemically pre- treated for long term protection against termites. Showcase an exclusive vintage appeal, these wall clocks are easy to hang on the wall. Makes a great wall decorative item, this clock features brass finished Roman numeral and hands with swift movement. 

Our major export market includes various countries such as, US , UK, Middle East, Europe & Australia.